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Празника Международен ден на майчиния език

- Кога е Международен ден на майчиния език?
- Тази година Международен ден на майчиния език се празнува на:
21 Февруари

Международен ден на майчиния език е неподвижен празник и международен празник

Световен ден на майчиния език (International Mother Language Day), обявен от Генералната конференция на ЮНЕСКО през 17 ноември 1999 г., се чества всяка година, считано от февруари 2000 г. и има за цел - насърчаване на езиковото и културното многообразие и многоезичието.

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M. Islam | 14.12.2012 16:12
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On 21 March 1948, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the Governor General of Pakistan, declared that Urdu would be the only official language for both the western part of Pakistan, popularly and later officially called West Pakistan, and East Bengal (from 1956, East Pakistan, today Bangladesh). The population of the eastern and western regions of the Dominion of Pakistan were nearly equal, the population of East Bengal being somewhat greater.[2] Urdu was spoken by only 7.05% people of the West Pakistan (cf. Languages of Pakistan) whereas Bengali was mother language of most of the people of East Bengal (cf. Bangladesh). The East Bengali population protested against this. On 21 February 1952, (8th Falgun 1358 in the Bengali calendar), students in the capital city of Dhaka called for a provincial strike. The government invoked a limited curfew to prevent this and the protests were tamed down so as to not break the curfew. The Pakistani police fired on the students despite these peaceful protests and a number of students and other people were killed. Four of the students were Abdus Salam, Rafiq Uddin Ahmed, Abul Barkat and Abdul Jabbar[3]

For more please visit :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Mother_Language_Day
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